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coaching, consulting, co-creating

Sessions are for women who want to ELIMINATE perfectionism, people pleasing, living in shame & are READY to take personal responsibility for their emotions & actions & WANT to do the work!

When you work with me 1:1, you get a mix of coaching (sincere inquiry, lots of questions you've probably never been asked before, accountability, etc.), consulting (I teach you how to set boundaries and acquire the correct resources to overcome hurdles) and co-create by working together to create the kind of thoughts, actions, and behaviors you want.

We can work on managing your negative self-talk, reframing your relationships with yourself and others, create healthy habits you crave, and much more.

You'll answer a crap load of questions that are important about where you’re stuck, what you want to change, and what results you want. Then we co-create a plan to work on to get you there.

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