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2024 FREE Personal Desires Worksheet

How to Use the 2024 No BullSh*t Life Personal Desire Worksheet

The best way to use the 2024 No BullSh*t Life Personal Desire worksheet is to begin spending time being introspective, meaning looking inward at your hopes, dreams, thoughts, and motivations. WHAT is it that you hope, dream, and desire for your future.  When you ask yourself what it is, pay close attention to your wants, desires, and goals and not the wants, desires, and goals that belong to others. Why? The success of making your personal desires a reality comes from knowing WHY you want what you want and then taking action to get it. Your "why" is the reason you do what you are about to do. It's what will motivate you to turn your desire into action.

After you know your "what" and "why", think about barriers or challenges you could face in taking action. Get quiet, still, and go inward to hear what you can do to overcome those barriers. If a barrier is waiting for the perfect time or to have more knowledge or to have more money, you will never move into action. It will always remain a desire. If your desire is 80 percent there, implement and perfect anything else later.

Now that you know what you can do to overcome barriers, what actions are you going to take. A few tips on making actions sustainable is to move slow but work consistently. When you slow down you can think more about what you want instead of getting caught in the race to reach fast and your desires will never crystallize. When developing the actions, get quiet, be still, and go inward so you can ask, "How important is this desire to me? How much do I want it? What is it that I am willing to sacrifice to achieve it? How committed am I to making this desire a reality? How much work will it take? How many hours a day, a week, or a month will it require? Am I determined to see it through to the end?" The answer to these questions comes from within you and becomes your action plan. Using the worksheet, track your actions so you can see and celebrate your progress.

Lastly, POST your worksheet somewhere where you will view it daily and often throughout your day. Seeing it often will be your ultimate reminder that you made a commitment, have a plan, and are moving your desires into action and create the motivation to continue!

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